• Reduce Federal taxes on small businesses to help revive the economic engine of our country.
• Return “American Made” to prominence once again by incentivizing companies to move their labor from rogue countries like China.
• Put more money immediately into the hands of American families by establishing a payroll tax holiday.
• Support saving measures like the “Penny Plan” and a Balanced Budget Amendment. The United States currently has $24.9 trillion national debt with no cash reserves to respond to a crisis.
• Allow an accelerated depreciation schedule for business equipment, including 100% expensing, to encourage companies to expand domestically

• Protect our Nation by strengthening ties with our allies and by investing in a strong national defense complete with the latest military intelligence, technology and equipment.
• Strengthen our southern border and all ports of entry to the country.
• Pass legislation to ensure government pension funds divest from companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.
• Ensure America remains responsibly energy independent and strengthen our supply chains so we are not dependent on foreign countries like China.
• Create national disaster protocols and a robust national stockpile of critical materials, PPE and necessary supplies.

• Send Federal education dollars to states without restrictions for online learning, high school-earned college credits, homeschooling, charter schools and/or innovations in special education.
• Continue to reduce regulations and provide waivers in Medicare and Medicaid, to help our seniors and individuals with disabilities.
• Eliminate and reduce all unnecessary rules and regulations to help spark an “American Made” revolution.
• Stand-up to the attack and erosion of our liberties provided to us under the Constitution, especially attempts to weaken our First and Second Amendment Rights.
• Reduce duplication in Federal Government agencies/programs and wherever possible return the power to our local and state governments.


After his military service, Corky Messner started a business from scratch, creating hundreds of good jobs. He is running for Senate to preserve those same opportunities for future generations.

Corky believes in free market capitalism and will fight to protect the New Hampshire Advantage from the Democrats’ socialist agenda.

Career politicians like Jeanne Shaheen have done nothing to create jobs. Instead, they have pandered to liberal special interest groups in favor of policies that grow government and make it more difficult for the hard-working people of New Hampshire to create opportunity for themselves and others.

In the Senate, Corky will:
• Support Economic Freedom
• Make the middle-class tax cuts permanent
• Reduce burdensome regulations for small businesses
• Spur long-term job growth with smart investments

The United States is a nation rich in people who have immigrated from all over the world to embrace our way of life. Legal immigration has contributed to the success of our country. But sadly, our system of immigration is broken – punishing those seeking opportunity by respecting our laws and rewarding those who break the rules.

The security of our nation and our communities demands that we end the surge of illegal immigration.
• Build the wall and stop the flow of illegal drugs
• Support our Border Patrol and ICE agents
• Immediately deport illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

Corky Messner is a pro-life candidate. He believes that life begins at conception and that Congress has a responsibility to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Corky supports increased funding for adoption services and will vote to make the Hyde Amendment permanent.

Corky believes in the right to bear arms, envisioned by our Founders and protected by our Constitution.

He will fight legislation that would infringe upon the constitutional right of Granite Staters to defend themselves, their families or their home or to engage in hunting or other shooting sports.

Our $22 trillion national debt threatens our continued prosperity and national security. But yet, the career politicians in Washington seem incapable of saying “no” to liberal special interests. After a decade in the Senate, Jeanne Shaheen has only voted in support of continued deficit spending.

Corky built a successful business from scratch, and knows how to balance a budget, manage debt and prioritize spending.
• Balanced budget amendment
• No budget, no pay
• Root out rampant waste, fraud, and abuse

After graduating from West Point, Corky went on to serve as an Army Ranger, defending liberty by guarding the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Today, Corky is proud to be the father of two West Point cadets. Protecting our national security and honoring the brave men and women who have risked so much is part of who he is.

Protecting our national security is the first responsibility of our federal government. Our soldiers and sailors must have the resources, training and equipment necessary to succeed.

Our responsibility to our veterans continues after their service. We need to reform and fund our VA healthcare system while expanding training and placement programs that help our veterans transition to the rewarding civilian lives they deserve. And for those who have fallen, our commitment to their families must continue.

New Hampshire has a vibrant veteran community, and our vets should have the ability to see quality health care specialists locally right here in the Granite State instead of having to make a long drive out-of-state to a VA Hospital.

Corky supports a free-market healthcare system that has seen our nation lead the world in care, innovation, and saving lives. He will stand against the socialist system supported by Jeanne Shaheen and Washington Democrats.

Corky supports guaranteeing care for those with pre-existing conditions and allowing young people to remain on their family plan.

He supports common sense solutions to make healthcare more affordable:
• Foster competition by allowing patients to purchase insurance across state lines
• Expand access to health savings accounts
• Relax restrictions on states so that New Hampshire can choose how to best administer its health care dollars

An entrepreneur, lawyer, West Point Graduate, and father of two West Point cadets, Corky believes that access to a high-quality education is foundational to accessing opportunity and achieving the American Dream.

New Hampshire, not Washington politicians should decide what is in the best interest of our students – so they can learn here, grow here, work here and stay here. Corky will stand against Washington mandates that take control and choices away from our parents and communities.