Corky Messner for Senate

Bryant “Corky” Messner

Successful businessman, veteran, proud father and patriot, Bryant “Corky” Messner is running to defeat career politician Jeanne Shaheen to represent New Hampshire in the United States Senate. 

Raised in a blue-collar family in Altoona, PA – Corky left home at age 17 to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he played football and prepared for his military service.  Upon his graduation in 1979 Corky became an Army Ranger, serving abroad guarding the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. 

Following his military service, Corky attended Law School at the University of Denver.  He went on to found the law firm Messner Reeves LLP and grow that business to more than 100 lawyers, 200 employees and offices in nine cities. 

A father of three, Corky’s two sons are West Point Cadets and his daughter is preparing to attend medical school. A strong conservative, Corky is passionate about service and excited for the opportunity to give back to a country that has offered him the opportunity to live the American Dream.

Corky has served and assisted various non-profit organizations including the Wentworth Watershed Association, Army West Point Athletic Association, The Rise School Denver and the Messner Foundation. Corky resides in Wolfeboro, NH.

Corky wrote an article recently on why Millennials are far more conservative than Democrats may realize.

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A Lifelong Conservative

  • Improve Free Market Healthcare
  • Stand Up to Democrats’ Socialist Agenda
  • Make Middle Class Tax Cuts Permanent
Corky with family on the water

Corky with family
  • Maintain Strong National Security & Border Security
  • Reduce Government Spending and the Debt
  • Pro-Second Amendment
  • Pro Life