FACT CHECK: Senator Shaheen’s Husband Worked For Confessed Pedophile, Against Justice

FACT CHECK: Senator Shaheen’s Husband Worked For Confessed Pedophile, Against Justice
Bill Shaheen’s Law Firm Shaheen & Gordon Are Go-To Lawyers For Pedophiles, Drug Dealers, Other Criminals

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U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s husband, Bill Shaheen, is a founding partner at Shaheen & Gordon, and is also currently serving his third term as a DNC committee member for New Hampshire.

Senator Shaheen and Bill Shaheen have together worked in politics since 1976.

Shaheen & Gordon boasts on its website the “results” it has gotten for:

  • Confessed pedophiles (“Client charged with using the internet to lure/solicit a minor”);
  • Drug dealers (“Represented client charged under New Hampshire’s Drug Enterprise Leader Statute”);
  • Drunk drivers (“Client charged in Massachusetts with Motor Vehicle Homicide”); and many other individuals charged with horrendous crimes.

FACT: Shaheen & Gordon let a confessed pedophile, who used the Internet to “lure/solicit” children, out on the streets.

FACT: Shaheen & Gordon worked to get the worst of the worst drug dealers out of prison.

FACT: Shaheen & Gordon skirted a tough drunk driving law that was enacted after a 13-year-old child was killed by a drunk driver while walking home.

P.S. Anyone else who is appalled that Bill Shaheen would not only represent, but also boast about these cases can check out the full slate here.

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