U.S. Senate Candidate Messner Soars to Victory in WMUR Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 1, 2020

U.S. Senate Candidate Messner Soars to Victory in WMUR Debate
Messner Demonstrates Leadership on Issues that Matter to Granite State Families

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Bedford, N.H. – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Bryant Corky Messner soared to victory in Tuesday’s WMUR Granite State Debate.

Messner, a veteran, successful businessman, and Wolfeboro resident endorsed by President Trump, outlined his plans to restore the economy, reform healthcare and better address the issues facing Granite Staters as their United States Senator.

“This debate clearly demonstrated that in Corky Messner, we have a Republican candidate who offers solutions, not slogans, someone who has the resources and support to mount a successful campaign against an entrenched, well-financed Democrat,” says senior Messner campaign advisor Michael Biundo.

“And given the economic challenges we face as a state and as a nation, Corky also has the business know-how and skill-set to understand the challenges we face and address them head-on,” Biundo continued.

During the debate, sponsored by WMUR-TV/Channel 9, Messner explained that his leadership experience in our nation’s armed forces and in the private sector will mean practical solutions to help New Hampshire recover from pandemic closures.

“We are dealing with an economic crisis caused by COVID-19. We must get jobs back, we must help small businesses. President Trump endorsed me because he knows I can help him get the economy back,” said Messner.

Other debate highlights:

  • Asked about the need for additional COVID-19 stimulus funds, Messner pointed out that more federal funding must be targeted to those individuals and entities still in need, but the $1 trillion in funding from the original CARES Act must be distributed as we consider more funding.
  • The Chinese Communist Party must be held responsible for its role in the spread of COVID-19 and its duplicity during the early days of the outbreak “and we know President Trump has the strength and leadership to hold them accountable.”
  • Commenting on the social unrest and violence plaguing our cities, Messner explained, “We must muster the courage to talk about (racism) and all the issues facing people of color…We need to come together to solve these problem and the politics around this must stop.”
  • Healthcare reform must address affordability, quality and access, said Messner, and he also will work toward more transparency related to cost, as well as tort reform.

About Bryant “Corky” Messner

Raised in a blue-collar family in Altoona, PA, Bryant “Corky” Messner attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he played football and prepared for military service. Upon earning the Army Ranger tab and graduating in 1979, he served in West Germany, witnessing firsthand the specter of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Following his military service, he attended University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law and went on to found the law firm Messner Reeves LLP, which today includes more than 100 lawyers, 200 employees and offices in nine cities.

Messner is a strong conservative, and remains passionate about giving back to the country that has offered him the opportunity to live the American Dream. His continued public service includes involvement with various non-profit organizations, including the Wentworth Watershed Association, the Army West Point Athletic Association, the Rise School Denver, and the Messner Foundation, which works to cultivate the next generation of business and community leaders.

A father of three, Messner’s two sons are West Point Cadets and his daughter is preparing to attend medical school. He resides in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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