Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Corky Messner Voices Strong Support for Term Limits and Decries ‘Professional Politicians’ Like Jeanne Shaheen


Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Corky Messner Voices Strong Support for Term Limits and Decries ‘Professional Politicians’ Like Jeanne Shaheen
Signs Pledge to Only Serve Two Terms if Elected

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BEDFORD, NH – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bryant “Corky” Messner this week pledged to only serve two terms if elected, arguing that “professional politicians” like incumbent Jeanne Shaheen have lost touch with the very people they were elected to represent.

“Serving in public office should be a calling, not a lifelong career,” says Messner. “Our Founding Fathers wisely recognized the importance of citizen legislators, who would serve in office for a limited amount of time, then return to private life and live under the very laws they enacted.”

The Wolfeboro Republican signed a term-limit pledge through U.S. Term Limits (USTL), a grassroots organization supporting term limits at all levels of government and seeking a Constitutional amendment for Congressional term limits.

“Jeanne Shaheen is a privileged member of a professional political class, who has been on the public payroll for decades. What does she know about the lives of ‘regular’ citizens who have to earn a living, run a business, pay rent and feed their families?” asks Messner.

“The majority of Americans support term limits, specifically for members of Congress, since they understand they’re the only way to get Senators and Representatives productive and responsive to the electorate.

“Politicians like Jeanne Shaheen spend decades in office and become beholden to political pals, big-buck donors, and pandering lobbyists who keep their campaigns well-funded and focused on special interests…and not on the average constituent.”

About Bryant “Corky” Messner
Raised in a blue-collar family in Altoona, PA, Bryant “Corky” Messner attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he played football and prepared for military service. Upon earning the Army Ranger tab and graduating in 1979, he served in West Germany, witnessing firsthand the specter of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Following his military service, he attended University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law and went on to found the law firm Messner Reeves LLP, which today includes more than 100 lawyers, 200 employees and offices in nine cities.

Messner is a strong conservative, and remains passionate about giving back to the country that has offered him the opportunity to live the American Dream. His continued public service includes involvement with various non-profit organizations, including the Wentworth Watershed Association, the Army West Point Athletic Association, the Rise School Denver, and the Messner Foundation, which works to cultivate the next generation of business and community leaders.

A father of three, Messner’s two sons are West Point Cadets and his daughter is preparing to attend medical school. He resides in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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