Chinese Communist Party Deceptions Must be Dealt With, Says U.S. Senate Candidate Messner, As We Consider the Pandemic A Wake-Up Call to Rebuild National Economic & Manufacturing Self-Reliance


Chinese Communist Party Deceptions Must be Dealt With, Says U.S. Senate Candidate Messner, As We Consider the Pandemic A Wake-Up Call to Rebuild National Economic/Manufacturing Self-Reliance

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BEDFORD, NH – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bryant “Corky” Messner today denounced the Chinese Community Party’s actions in covering up the coronavirus threat, while also urging that the United States use the hard lessons learned as a wake-up call to rebuild self-reliance and bring American business and manufacturing back home.

“There can be no arguing that the Chinese government’s deception and lies have led us to a world-wide pandemic that has cost lives and wreaked havoc on our economy and our way of life,” says Messner.

“Yet, given the negative impacts of the pandemic on our economy — job losses, business closures, and disruption of manufacturing, to name only three — we must rededicate ourselves to restoring our role in the world as an economic force for good.”

The immediate priority, says Messner, is making China and its Communist leadership answer for their transgressions, among them:

  • Covering up evidence of the initial outbreak and infection rate, and continuing to lie about the number of infections and deaths
  • Allowing travel to and from China as infections increased and it became obvious the virus was highly contagious
  • Relying on the World Health Organization’s complicity in the cover-up

“The United States based its initial response to the virus on what turned out to be falsehoods and deceptions by the Chinese Communist Party,” says Messner. “Most tragically, because of the nefarious manipulations of this foreign government, loved ones isolated in hospitals and at home here in New Hampshire have died alone, with no comfort from families and friends. Something that began on the other side of the world has become very real and very personal here in the Granite State.”

Messner pointed to various steps the United States might take in response to the Chinese government’s deceptions. They include attempting to force China to cover some of the cost of the trillions the U.S. is spending on coronavirus economic stimulus packages and proposing forgiveness of a substantial portion of U.S. debt to China. He also supports a call for the U.S. to withhold its funding to the World Health Organization pending the outcome of a thorough investigation to determine the WHO’s alleged complicity in the cover-up.

“You can be sure I fully support a range of sanctions against the Chinese Communist Party for misleading the world and causing so much misery and despair.”

Messner believes this tragic situation should be the impetus for a renewed investment in America.
He continues: “Jeanne Shaheen has represented New Hampshire in the U.S. Senate for more than a decade, and she has done little to safeguard our nation economically and preserve our manufacturing might and leadership. Politics as usual must change.

“Given the need to recover economically from this pandemic, we must look at the bigger picture and recognize that we need to get back to making things, building things, and creating jobs. These are key goals of President Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda and they would help us regain our self-reliance as a nation.”

He suggested Congress should consider manufacturing-friendly measures, including reducing the federal corporate income tax to encourage companies to keep their facilities on American soil, allowing accelerated depreciation schedules for plant and equipment expensing, and offering companies willing to expand their facilities in the U.S. and hire American employees an immediate tax deduction for capital investments.

“During the coming weeks and months, our economy will re-open, people will get back to work, and our nation will recover,” says Messner. “As that recovery continues, we must be better prepared for the next challenges and take the steps needed to restore pride in America.”

About Bryant “Corky” Messner
Raised in a blue-collar family in Altoona, PA, Bryant “Corky” Messner attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he played football and prepared for military service. Upon earning the Army Ranger tab and graduating in 1979, he served in West Germany, witnessing firsthand the specter of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Following his military service, he attended University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law and went on to found the law firm Messner Reeves LLP, which today includes more than 100 lawyers, 200 employees and offices in nine cities.

Messner is a strong conservative, and remains passionate about giving back to the country that has offered him the opportunity to live the American Dream. His continued public service includes involvement with various non-profit organizations, including the Wentworth Watershed Association, the Army West Point Athletic Association, the Rise School Denver, and the Messner Foundation, which works to cultivate the next generation of business and community leaders.

A father of three, Messner’s two sons are West Point Cadets and his daughter is preparing to attend medical school. He resides in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

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